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By | January 17, 2012

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Because we all need to network …

Networking is, and has always been, a key component to growing a business.  That’s true whether we are talking about a law firm or a dentist. New clients are the lifeblood of any business!

If all that we do to drive that new business is sit behind a desk expecting it to walk through the door, it will likely be a very long, frustrating and costly wait! Particularly in this economy although it is true in any economy!

Therefore, why not try and network in the best and most efficient way that at the same time affords us the greatest chance of success. And, in this case, success is defined as meeting someone whose business we can help make  more successful.

This last concept is somewhat counter intuitive to the extent that we would be looking to help someone else first and not ourselves.

But in the parlance of networking a common phrase that gets repeated over and over again is that “givers gain.”

Givers gain because nobody is looking to partner-up in business with someone who is only looking out for their own best interests. When you are trying to establish long-lasting business relationships it must be remembered that business is a two-way street and that by simply looking out for yourself such relationships can be difficult, if not impossible, to establish.

When you walk into a networking event can anybody really expect that after a 3-minute conversation you can give someone your card and expect that they will be calling you with an order? But isn’t that exactly what people do?

The interview below was forwarded to me by someone who I met through networking, and although we haven’t done any business together specific to our two companies, had I not met him and established a relationship I wouldn’t have received this video!

Video providing some basic thoughts about networking from the founder of BNI, a global business networking powerhouse!

It is long and if you don’t have time to listen to the whole thing there is a very good interchange on networking expectations beginning at the 27:00 minute mark.

The video can be watched at this link.

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