Hallmark Abstract Service Senior Management

Michael Haltman 


Over the span of a 30-year career, Michael has been extensively involved in various aspects of the real estate and mortgage industries.

After graduating with an MBA in Finance he began his career as a fixed-income analyst at a major Wall Street firm earning industry recognition in the area of municipal mortgage debt.

In time he opened his own company and as a correspondent lender provided the financing for both current owners and new buyers of commercial real estate in the tri-state area.

Having learned through experience the critical importance of title insurance in any transaction, Michael saw an opportunity to utilize his real estate and mortgage industry background to create a company that assured its clients that there would be no surprises at the closing table…ever!

In addition, Michael has tasked every employee of the firm with making each transactional experience with Hallmark Abstract Service easy, hassle-free and most importantly, successful.

Finally, the motto that Michael uses to describe everything that Hallmark Abstract Service does is one that he and everyone else at the firm takes to heart:

“We work harder to make your closings easier!”

Linda Haltman 

Chief Financial Officer 

After earning an MBA in Finance at NYU, Linda has spent the better part of 25 years as President of a commercial mortgage bank specializing in bridge loans and construction loans for residential builders.

In that time she was directly involved in the decision making that led to the origination of well over $100MM in loans around the tri-state area.

By being on the collateral side of the loan process, Linda became acutely aware of the importance that title insurance plays in any transaction! She has brought that same attitude to the daily operations at Hallmark Abstract Service.

Linda’s focus is making sure that the clients of Hallmark Abstract Service are as well taken care of and protected with the title insurance that we provide as she had been in her previous position.

MaryAnn DeMato 

Chief Title Officer 

MaryAnn has been involved in the title insurance industry for well over 10-years. Prior to Hallmark Abstract Service, MaryAnn ran title operations for two firms located on Long Island, New York.

Combining her extensive background and knowledge of every aspect of the title insurance process with a customer first mentality, this most critical area of Hallmark Abstract Service couldn’t be in better hands for either firm management or for the clients that use us.