At Hallmark Abstract Our ONLY Priority Is The Protection Of Our Clients’ Real Estate Interests!

Hallmark Abstract Service…You Buy, We Protect!

Hallmark Abstract Service Has a Laser Focus On Protecting New York State Commercial And Residential Real Property Buyers In What Could Potentially Be The Largest Financial Transaction Of Their Lives!

And, At Hallmark Abstract Service, That Same Laser Focus Exists When It Comes To The Refinance Of A Mortgage!

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Hallmark Abstract Service: You Buy, Hallmark Abstract Service Protects! 

  • We provide title insurance for commercial and residential real estate purchases, and mortgage refinances, in New York State.
  • We possess years of expertise and experience (founded in 2008) and underwrite through the Fidelity Family of title insurance companies and AmTrust National Title Insurance!
  • Hallmark Abstract Service has developed a free App for the phone and online, that On Demand will create a title insurance bill for any purchase price and mortgage amount in any town or city across New York State (Register here). Imagine the value of having all of the information below at your fingertips, even before a bid for a house is ever made!
– A Title Insurance Bill with a clients title-related closing costs for any New York property
purchase price, mortgage amount and in any New York State city or town! Because any title
insurance company can be used, our ancillary fees that are among the lowest in the industry,
will provide a great basis to request that another title company brings its fees more in line.
– Loan Estimate,
– Closing Disclosure,
– Seller Net Sheet,
– Seller’s Multiple Offers,
– Buyer Estimate,
– Monthly Affordability,
-Rent vs. Buy Analysis.
  • The comfort and confidence of knowing that Hallmark Abstract Service has, since opening its doors in 2008, never ex
    perienced a valid title claim,
  • The potential to save money on your transaction’s closing costs (as much as $500-$1,000), as Hallmark Abstract’s ancillary charges on the title bill are among the lowest in the industry!
And remember that while your attorney for a purchase or mortgage bank in a refinance will typically choose the title insurance provider for your transaction, you do have the ability and right to choose your own!

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Email or call us today to learn more about Hallmark Abstract Service or any aspect of the title insurance process at or 516.741.4723!

The Hallmark Abstract Service Story!

Hallmark Abstract Service was founded, in 2008, on the following fundamental principles

First and foremost is protecting our clients in what will likely be the largest financial transaction of their lives to date, to provide service above and beyond their expectations and finally to ensure that there will never be any surprises at the closing table for their residential or commercial property transactions.

With that in mind, two basic questions guide us in our day-to-day business:

– What value can Hallmark Abstract Service add for a client?
– Why should Hallmark Abstract Service be a potential client’s first choice for title insurance?

The answer to the first question is simple. Hallmark Abstract Service takes the time to understand exactly what an attorney, banker, mortgage professional or property buyer requires in order for their closing protocols to run smoothly and efficiently. We do this to minimize any chance for delay or even adjournment due to title issues.

From personal meetings and follow-up, to customized services for pre and post closing procedures, Hallmark Abstract Service guides its actions based on each client’s individualized needs.

The second question can be answered based on the fact that Hallmark Abstract Service has a long track record of putting its clients first, resulting in an extremely high percentage of those clients returning to use us time and time again.

A company created for attorneys, lending professionals and real property buyers, Hallmark Abstract Service seeks to surpass all expectations by getting to the closing table without surprise or delay. Every single time!

Finally Hallmark Abstract Service stands by these three simple phrases that represent both our promise to clients as well as our business philosophy:

“Protecting Our Clients Best Interests Always Comes First!”

“Hallmark Abstract Service has never been to a closing where the title wasn’t cleared!”

“Hallmark Abstract Service works harder to make your closings easier!”

We look forward to having the opportunity to solve your title needs now, and in the future.

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