12 Reasons Why Hallmark Abstract Service Is The Go-To Provider For So Many New York Attorneys!

By | February 9, 2024

12 Reasons Why Hallmark Abstract Service Is The Go-To Provider For So Many New York Attorneys!

1.Ancillary and ‘junk fees’ on the Hallmark title bill are often $500-$1,000 less than some other title companies. The title insurance premium will be the same regardless of the company used, but the fees can vary considerably.
2.Since its inception in 2008, Hallmark Abstract Service has no valid title claims.
3.Hallmark Abstract Service has no affiliated business relationships that, in the firm’s opinion, create significant conflicts of interest.
4.Hallmark’s primary underwriter, Fidelity National Title Group, is the largest and best capitalized underwriter in the country. If 2008 taught us anything it’s that a strong underwriter backing a policy is critical!
5.Technology…Hallmark Abstract’s online, on-demand, and free title bill technology allows anyone to enter a purchase price and mortgage amount for a residential purchase in any city or town in New York State. For many buyers, that want to have an idea of closing costs before they sign a contract! The Title Bill website can be found here: https://hallmarkabstractllc.titlecapture.com/login
6.You will have one dedicated representative at the firm.
7.If a business decision ever needs to be made, you will be speaking to the owners who can make it.
8.Hallmark does not take shortcuts that may speed-up a clear to close, but will take the extra steps necessary to protect our clients. An example is to insist on a boundary-line agreement, versus the ‘easy’ solution in a property line dispute of having the neighbor signing an affidavit. If that neighbor were ever to move the affidavit would be null and void.
9.Hallmark Abstract ALWAYS recommends to buyers, regardless of the title insurance provider that they are using, to get a title bill from another company for comparison. If a significant difference exists in the non-title insurance premium charges, buyers can go back to their attorney and insist that the charges be reduced.
10.Hallmark Abstract has a laser focus on protecting buyers in what may very well be the largest financial commitment of their lives. While we may get the title order from an attorney, ultimately it is the buyer who we consider to be our client.
11.As a testament to the work that Hallmark Abstract does and the care it takes with its clients, many of our orders come from buyers who find us online. When asked why they chose us the answer is that they were impressed by the testimonials that we have received.
12.Finally, and it may sound cliche, but our service and turnaround times are second-to-none

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