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At The Real Estate Closing Table The Checks Being Written Can Be Very Large…

But It Is Likely NOT What You Think! When a real estate transaction is reaching its conclusion, the homebuyer is going to be asked to write checks made out to the title insurance company providing the policy for their new property. At times, because the numbers may be quite large, there may actually be a […]

Hallmark Abstract Service TikTok Series…How Title Insurance Companies In New York Differentiate Themselves!

New York Title Insurance: A Homebuyer Obsession! Are you buying a home in New York and obsessed with the title insurance you will be buying? Good for you, recognizing just how critical title insurance is. The 12 Distinct Ways That Hallmark Abstract Service Differentiates Itself From A Great Many Of Its Competitors! For more information […]

10 Significant Ways That Hallmark Abstract Service Differentiates Itself From Many New York Title Insurance Providers!

10 Significant Ways That Hallmark Abstract Service Differentiates Itself From Many New York Title Insurance Providers!  The ancillary and ‘junk’ fees on Hallmark Abstract title bills are often $500-$1,500 less than those of other title insurance companies! This is a significant amount of money that is better in the pockets of the buyer, than in the pockets of a […]

NYC LL97 (Local Law 97): Clarification On Implementation and Enforcement

Excellent tutorial from Adler & Stachenfeld ( Partner YuhTyng Patka ( about the additional draft rules issued by the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) concerning how Local Law 97 will be implemented and enforced. It is provided below in its entirety, with contact information for YuhTyng Patka at the end. _______________________________________________________________ Last week the NYC […]

The Hallmark Abstract Service Title Bill App

This completely free-to-use technology allows the user to input the purchase parameters for a residential deal, in any New York State town or city, and for any purchase price and mortgage amount. The output will be the title bill for the transaction including title insurance premiums, recording fees and any applicable mortgage or mansion tax. […]

2022 National Association of REALTORS® Survey of Homebuyers!

2022 National Association of REALTORS® Survey of Homebuyers! For homebuyers, much of 2022 was a frustrating time of limited inventory and sky-high prices, where the sellers controlled much of the narrative. The scenario changed later in the year, and although a lack of inventory still prevailed, pricing power moved more to the buyer as an almost doubling […]

Recession? History Says…

Recession: Are past results useful indicators of future performance? Consider A Recessions Length When Compared to the ‘Real Rates’ of Bonds on the Day the Treasury Yield Curve Inverts… The current scenario does not bode well for the U.S. economy! (Note: – An inverted yield curve exists when longer-term interest rates are lower than near-term […]

Election Day, November 8, 2022! What’s Your Plan?

Election Day November 8, 2022…A Hallmark Abstract Service Poll The question asked is whether you plan on casting your vote in the midterm elections on or before November 8th? Voting is considered a right and responsibility, as it provides the opportunity to vote for leaders who we feel will best represent our ideas and interests. […]