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Election Day, November 8, 2022! What’s Your Plan?

Election Day November 8, 2022…A Hallmark Abstract Service Poll The question asked is whether you plan on casting your vote in the midterm elections on or before November 8th? Voting is considered a right and responsibility, as it provides the opportunity to vote for leaders who we feel will best represent our ideas and interests. […]

How Is Inflation Impacting Your Life?

Are Rising Prices Forcing Tough Decisions? You don’t need this email to tell you that rising prices in all aspects of the economy creates great difficulties for many consumers! We hear horror stories all of the time about decisions needing to be made about what to buy and what can be done without. At the […]

Recession Yes, No or Maybe? Survey Says…

The people have spoken In A Hallmark Abstract Service Economic Poll That Asked… Are we in recession, heading towards recession or will avoid recession? President Biden said: There is the potential for a slight recession, but he doesn’t think there will be one. And, remember this old saying? Recession: When your neighbor loses their job!Depression: […]

Suffolk County, NY Victim of a Cybersecurity Shut Down!

Suffolk County Is Down! 12 days! Computer access at Suffolk County, New York has been down for 12 days. But is Suffolk County merely the tip of the cyber intrusion iceberg? This may come as a surprise to some, but for those living or with an interest in Suffolk County, and who are in urgent […]

Opinion: Title insurance is vital to protecting the American dream

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This article that appears in HousingWire, written by Westcor Land Title Insurance Company President and CEO Mary O’Donnell, explores the critical importance of title insurance to protect what may likely be the homebuyers greatest financial commitment of their life to-date! ‘Opinion: Title insurance is vital to protecting the American dream‘ As someone who spent a […]

Do You Ever Wonder About Living With Deadly Food Allergies? with Host Hallmark Abstract Service CEO Mike Haltman

Do You Ever Wonder? with your Host, Mike Haltman In this episode we welcome our special guest, Noreen Okarter, eating and living with deadly food allergies expert and founder of the firm Food Sitch! Listen here, If after listening to the episode you would like to get in touch with Noreen, use the link to her […]

The Disappearing New York City Jewish Deli?

Looking for a great hot pastrami sandwich? If you’re in New York City, it’s getting tougher to find! _______________________ What’s Going On With New York City’s Jewish Delis? Long a destination for great Jewish food, these treasures of NYC have been slowly and steadily disappearing from the scene. Back in 2016, the Hallmark Abstract Service […]

Covid and Workplace Violence? Real Estate, Law, Corporate, Schools, Healthcare? Nip It In The Bud!

Covid, Vaccines, Masks, Back to the Workplace and the Potential For Workplace Violence! While we may not want to focus on it, should business, education and hospital/healthcare leaders at the very least be thinking about it? Learn how to nip it in the bud. Get the details at the link below about the Hallmark Abstract […]

Title Insurance And Havoc In The New York Real Estate Market?

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December 19, 2017: After Regulation 208 Went Into Effect On December 18th, The Following Day NYSDFS Issued A Stay Expiring February 2, 2018 That Will Allow One Specific Activity Eradicated By The Regulation To Continue… Candidly, of all the new directives in Regulation 208 that will impact title companies, a stay on this specific one is […]