Recession? History Says…

By | December 19, 2022

Recession: Are past results useful indicators of future performance?

Consider A Recessions Length When Compared to the ‘Real Rates’ of Bonds on the Day the Treasury Yield Curve Inverts…

The current scenario does not bode well for the U.S. economy!


– An inverted yield curve exists when longer-term interest rates are lower than near-term rates.

– Real Rates are the bond’s yield – the inflation rate)

‘Fed researchers found ‘the length and severity of a recession was *inversely* correlated to the REAL 10-Year US treasury yield at the time of the yield curve inversion. i.e. the lower the real 10-Year US Treasury yield at the time of the inversion, the worse the recession.

In our current case, the real rate of the 10-year treasury (yield minus inflation) was a MINUS 5% at the time the yield curve inverted. In the prior cases, it had never been negative.’

This would indicate the economy is facing a difficult road ahead! (Puru Saxena


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