Follow-up: Where do you stand on the proposed Country Pointe at Plainview project?

By | February 20, 2014

title insurance New York and Long IslandOn February 4, 2014 the Town of Oyster Bay held a public meeting to hear the thoughts and possible concerns of local residents about the proposed development Country Pointe at Plainview!

The project would be built on 143 acres of land currently owned by Charles Wang (an area that many might know as Soccer Park) and as currently drawn-up consist of various types of housing, 46 acres of open space and a ShopRite supermarket.

The meeting, held at the Howard B. Mattlin Middle School and lasting about eight hours, spilled over from the auditorium into the cafeteria and was at times quite contentious as local residents voiced approval and/or concern over a variety of matters including the density of the proposed project, the impact on traffic flows, potential effect on the area schools, possible tax implications and an overall change to the character of the area.

The project developer, Michael Dubb from the firm Mile Development, did his best to assuage any concerns and said that he was willing to discuss the density issue that was also voiced by Oyster Bay Town Supervisor John Venditto.

From Newsday:

‘While Venditto said he wanted a downsized project, he said the town had flexibility to change the restrictions on the property.

“We’re working with what I’ve been calling a tabula rasa,” he said. “A white sheet of paper. We’re starting all over again. We’re not bound by any of the prior agreements, covenants, restrictions, zoning decisions rules or otherwise.”‘ (Source)

What do you think?

Whether you were at the meeting, had a chance to speak at the meeting or did not attend, if you live in the vicinity of Plainview located on the North Shore of Long Island you will likely have an opinion on this project.

We would like to offer you a venue to share what that might be.

Whatever your feeling we will pass them along to the developer so that they are further aware of the local sentiment both good and bad.

Simply leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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6 thoughts on “Follow-up: Where do you stand on the proposed Country Pointe at Plainview project?

  1. M. Teitelbaum

    I think the idea of mixed housing is wonderful. However, there is absolutely NO need for a Shop-rite! Mr. Greenfield already owns one a few miles down the road. If he is so desperate for the business, let him run a shuttle bus back and forth.

  2. Marsha Elowsky

    I love the whole concept of Country Pointe. We have lived in PLainview for over 50 years and do not want to leave. However, we are ready to leave our big house so that a new young family can move in and love it as we do and provide the fresh ideas and children that a town needs to keep modern and not stagnate. So, we want to move to Country Pointe with its pretty ponds and walkable paths that POB itself does not provide.
    ShopRite is going to move no matter what! He has a niche here, but needs a bigger store to compete with today’s supermarket concepts and would like it to still be in Plainview-Old Bethpage. Help keep our town fresh and alive and help keep our seniors to stay in our town as well as bringing in young, fresh, vibrant!

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  4. Warren Gruberger

    We have lived in The Town of Oyster Bay since 1974 and we would like to remain here. We bring history and a love of community. Our married children live in Plainview and Melville. This would be an ideal location for us and one we would look forward to living in for the long term.

    Plainview is a lovely community. The community and surrounding area, as planned would not cause any negative impact on the area, In fact, it would benefit the entire Plainview community by including a solid population that would have no real impact on the schools, create no serious traffic problem, and bring a great deal of disposable income to the community. Should the project be scaled down a bit? Yes. That seems to have been discussed by both the developer and the town.

  5. Carol Dampf

    I am a resident of Woodbury, 55 + and would love to move into a development like Country Point. Hoping it comes to pass.

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