Country Pointe At Plainview Approved By The Town Of Oyster Bay Board!

Post-TOB approval of the Country Pointe at Plainview project, a small group of environmental activists have filed a lawsuit challenging the environmental review conducted by the Town of Oyster Bay!

The plaintiffs claim is that ‘nearly 55 species of wildlife, including foxes and bats, inhabit the area and would be harmed by the project.

Richard Brummel, 55, an environmental activist from East Hills, helped the residents organize their complaint.

Additionally, in the article at Newsday explaining the lawsuit, the author termed Country Pointe at Plainview ‘a controversial office and housing development project.’

Let me say this on the subject of the project being controversial…Having attended many of the town board meetings where an open forum was provided for anyone who wanted to issue a statement, I would estimate that opinion ran 10-1 for the project.

And as for any potential environmental impact versus the benefit to the community that will be provided by Country Pointe both now and into the future?

The results of the environmental impact study conducted by the TOB along with overwhelming approval of the project by the Town of Oyster Bay board, seems to answer that question very clearly!

Town Supervisor John Venditto said Oyster Bay officials “went well beyond what is required under the law in terms of environmental review” and provided myriad opportunities for public participation. “I am confident in the adequacy of the process . . . and further, I am confident that a well-informed decision was made,” he said.

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Country Pointe At Plainview Approved By The Town Of Oyster Bay Board!


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