Body language and business! (Infographic)

By | February 20, 2014

title insurance New York and Long IslandOur body language impacts the way that other perceive us, particularly during those precious few seconds when we are making our one, our only and our lasting first impression!

Whether in social or business situations the way that we stand, speak and listen will convey quite a bit of information to the person or group that we are speaking to.

And while this is certainly important in social situations, when we are meeting or speaking with business associates, clients or prospects it is critical.

Who among us hasn’t walked into a business meeting, trade show or crowded networking event knowing few if any of the people there and mingled while trying to appear cool and confident even if that might have been the farthest thing from the truth?

The problem of course is that we are who we are and no matter how we plan on being in an uncomfortable situation we will often revert to our comfort zone, whether or not that zone is the best place for us at that particular moment.

This infographic provides some clues into body language and what aspects of it are the most important!

The Art of Body Language

Body Language for Business







title insurance New York and Long Island

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