If you live in Plainview, New York you need to attend this meeting!

By | January 28, 2014

There is a new development proposed for Plainview, New York and if you are a resident you should attend the meeting at 7 PM on February 4 at Mattlin Middle School to learn why it will mean great things for the town!

Some questions and answers as well as a chart of some of the Fact vs. Fiction arguments about the proposed project are provided below and to RSVP for the meeting simply click on the picture!

country pointe

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the status of Country Pointe at Plainview?
  2. Where is the Country Pointe at Plainview property located?
  3. Who is the builder?
  4. What is this site currently approved for?
  5. What are the plans for this site?
  6. Will the development require a new zoning category?
  7. What will happen now that an application has been submitted to the town?
  8. If Beechwood can’t sell houses to 55+ buyers, will it ask the Town for the age restriction to be lifted?
  9. After the Development is approved, can Beechwood turn Country Pointe at Plainview into rentals?
  10. Will there be additional opportunities for community input now that the application is submitted?
  11. What will happen to the existing recreational space on the property?
  12. How will the development of Country Pointe at Plainview affect the traffic in the immediate area?
  13. How will the development affect the Plainview Old Bethpage School District?
  14. Will Country Pointe at Plainview have enough resources to handle potential increases in public services such as garbage pickup, snow removal and fire department?
  15. Why is Country Pointe at Plainview different than Old Plainview?
  16. How do I get more information about Country Pointe at Plainview?
  17. What happens if Country Pointe at Plainview is not approved?
The property is owned by Nassau County. The property is owned by a limited liability company owned by Charles Wang.
If the Country Pointe proposal is turned down, the property will remain as it currently is. The property is zoned for 420,000 square feet of offices and 45 single family homes. If the Country Pointe Proposal is turned down, the property will either be developed as an office or some other type of development.
Charles Wang is the developer. A company controlled by Beechwood, Beechwood POB LLC is in contract to purchase the project.
The Plainview Soccer Travel Club will lose fields. If the Country Pointe proposal is approved, the Plainview Soccer Travel Club will have permanent fields located within the 43 acres dedicated to the town. Until such time that the new fields are available, Beechwood and the Soccer Club have worked out an agreement so the Soccer Club will not be displaced.
Even though the majority of units are age restricted, they will still produce school age children. The zoning specifically restricts children of the age restricted home to 19 years of age and older.
If the Country Pointe proposal is rejected, Shop Rite will stay at Morton Village. John Greenfield, the owner of the Plainview Shop Rite, has stated that if the Country Pointe proposal is rejected, he will still have to move from Morton Village since he has outgrown the space.
Age Restricted Units do not pay school taxes. There are no exemptions for Age Restricted Communities.
Round Swamp Road will be widened. Adjacent to the development Round Swamp Road will not be widened. At the intersection of Round Swamp Road and the LIE, traffic improvements as part of a comprehensive plan will be implemented which includes widening Round Swamp Road in this area.
The Site is “pristine” and the TB Hospital and buildings are historical and should be preserved. The property is not pristine and has been developed. There are 26 buildings on the premises as well as a sewer treatment plant. Most of the buildings are vacant and are deteriorated. None of the buildings have historical significance. The Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation has stated that none of the buildings are eligible for inclusion in the State and National Register of Historic Places.
The developer can go back to the Town and get the “55+ age restriction lowered”. At Beechwood’s Meadowbrook Pointe, in accordance with Federal Law, 20% of the units in this fully age restricted community were permitted to be sold to those 48 years and older PROVIDED THEY HAD NO CHILDREN YOUNGER THAN 19. In the Country Pointe proposal, 264 units are proposed to not be age restricted. Therefore, lowering the age restriction does not make sense.
The Country Pointe development will increase traffic. Any development of the property will increase traffic. In connection with its proposal, Beechwood has designed a comprehensive traffic mitigation plan that will not decrease the level of service and in some cases, increase the level of service. This traffic mitigation plan includes improvement at the Round Swamp Road and LIE interchange, improvements at the Old Country Road and Oyster Bay Expressway interchange additional traffic lights and adjustments to timing of the traffic lights.
Property values will go down if this development is improved. In addition to the increased revenue to the Town and School District which will be positive for Plainview Old Bethpage homeowners, Beechwood communities have traditionally increased home values in the areas in which they are developed.
Beechwood is not providing the Community with information. In addition to our website which directs visitors to the site for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, we have conducted an extensive door to door community outreach program, met with community residents at the Shopping Center, conducted focus groups and met with numerous community and civic leaders and organizations.



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9 thoughts on “If you live in Plainview, New York you need to attend this meeting!

  1. Steve Bookspan

    It is good to separate fact from fiction. I would say if you live in Plainview, you need to attend.

  2. Scott

    I wasn’t aware that this meeting was taking place. Thanks for the info and I will be there.

  3. Valerie C.

    Is this a done deal or if the community has issues with it can it still be stopped?

  4. Bill

    I went to the Country Pointe at Plainview website and read up on this new community. They have a link to the DEIS which i skimmed through as it is a pretty big document. I did notice that the school district will get an additional $8 million in tax revenue if this development is approved.

  5. BethV

    I saw some reps from the builder at Shop Rite last weekend. They said the proposal for Country Pointe is not a done deal. They said more than two thirds of the homes will be sold to those 55 and older and the remaining homes will be non age restricted. If their proposal doesn’t get approved, they can build as of right another huge office building that will be more than 400,000 square feet and about 50 single family homes. Personally I think there is a need in TOB for this mostly 55+ community. I don’t want another huge office building.

  6. Betty Cohen

    As an older member of the community my concern is that the building will not bring in additional kids requiring new schools that will mean higher taxes for me!

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