Network By ‘Working Out Loud’ (Infographic)

By | January 26, 2017
networking is a contact sport

Source: LinkedIn

Networking! Most if not all of us do it in some form or another as a means to developing business, promoting a venture or to raise money and awareness for a philanthropic endeavor!

Networking can take a variety of different forms and each of us has our own unique style for accomplishing whatever it is that we enter a room to do.

And, for networking education, there’s an almost unlimited number of forums and ‘experts’ available who will give tips and advice on the ‘right’ way and ‘wrong’ way to reach your goal.

One source in particular that I find to be creative and innovative is not a networking guru per se, but rather someone who writes on the subject of leadership. His name is Tanmay Vora and the blog, QAspire.

In today’s article Tanmay shared the work of John Stepper who developed the concept of…

Working Out Loud

‘Working out loud is an approach to building relationships that can help you in some way. It’s a practice that combines conventional wisdom about relationships with modern ways to reach and engage people. When you work out loud, you feel good and empowered at the same time.’ John Stepper

The Five Elements Of Working Out Loud

Steps for networking effectively

Infographic by John Stepper

Additional Notes About ‘Working Out Loud’!

John Stepper TEDxNavesink

Source: John Stepper from TEDxNavesink talk


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