Sales Success Through The Prism Of A Fenway Park Hot Dog Vendor!

By | August 16, 2016

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Whether you’re selling title insurance, cars, the proverbial widget or in this case hot dogs, there are techniques and personal attributes that help some excel over others!

That said just how does hot dog purveyor Jose Magrass sell, by far, the most of any vendor at Boston’s Fenway Park?

And are there any lessons that can be learned from him that are transferrable to our own businesses?

How Can Jose Magrass’ Sales Success Be Explained?

Jose was followed one game by a reporter who documented some of the steps that led to him to be the top-selling vendor despite a serious hurdle.

The hurdle? Because Jose does not have the most seniority at Fenway Park, he gets to choose his product and location in the ballpark only after others have chosen theirs.

So that said, with 20 vendors ahead of him, how does he outsell them earning $400 in just a few hours of work?

The sales secrets that are really not secret!

Here’s how he excelled:

  • He was completely focused on selling hot dogs,
  • He was always scanning the seats for prospects,
  • He always moved fast and efficiently while prospecting and between sales,
  • He delivered the hot dogs and customers’ change quickly, and
  • He worked the longest hours. (Source)

Are these methods that can be modified and be utilized in our own businesses? Absolutely!

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