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10 unbelievably large (and expensive) Manhattan apartments for sale!

Follow @Hallmark Abstract Service For anyone around the country who finds stories about New York City real estate prices hard to believe or who perhaps cannot fathom paying $500 or more a month for a parking spot, this Top 10 list of the largest Manhattan apartments for sale will simply boggle the mind! In a […]

The ultimate in New York City living! (Photos)

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Very few Americans live life in the style that whoever buys this New York City townhouse has obviously grown, or will grow, accustomed to! On the market with an asking price of $114MM it provides all of the luxury that any buyer could possibly imagine and then some! But remember that $114MM is only the […]

2013 Top 5 Most Expensive New York City Residential Real Estate Sales!

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  In one of the most expensive residential real estate markets in the world, New York City, the addresses below are the Top 5 most expensive closed sales in 2013! All are located in Manhattan and there isn’t one specific neighborhood that dominates (with the possible exception of the Upper East Side which is very […]