10 unbelievably large (and expensive) Manhattan apartments for sale!

By | February 12, 2014

title insurance, New York,New York City,Long Island,Michael HaltmanFor anyone around the country who finds stories about New York City real estate prices hard to believe or who perhaps cannot fathom paying $500 or more a month for a parking spot, this Top 10 list of the largest Manhattan apartments for sale will simply boggle the mind!

In a city where $2,000 a month in rent will get you a studio apartment, where $50 will get you a steak in a restaurant ($8 more for a baked potato) and $30 will get you from the airport into Manhattan, $100 million will get you into the penthouse in the City Spire.

From Curbed New York these are the descriptions and asking prices for the 10 largest apartments currently for sale in New York City!

  1. The penthouse in 66 East 11th Street, the “health-centric” Greenwich Village condo development in which Leonardo DiCaprio is an owner and an investor, totals 7,693 square feet over two floors, with an additional 2,200-square-foot private roof terrace with a hot tub. It’s asking $50 million.
  2. The infamous City Spire penthouse is 8,000 square feet of horror divided between three octagonal floors and small guest suite below. We probably don’t need to remind you that it’s asking $100 million.
  3. A pretty incredible triplex in the American Thread Building, which includes an original Keith Haring murals totals 8,000 square feet and is asking only $10 million after a few pricechops. (It has also been listed as a $35,000/month rental.) The $17,418 in monthly costs likely don’t help.
  4. This sprawling full floor of 535 West End Avenue is 8,451 square feet with seven beds, seven baths, and five baths. If it’s difficult for you to imagine getting lost in a one-floor New York City apartment, just take a look at that floorplan. It’s asking $27.5 million.
  5. Steven A. Cohen’s One Beacon Court duplex penthouse, recently pricechopped below nine figures to $98 million, weighs in at 9,000 square feet.
  6. The 9,799-square-foot penthouse in the Mark Hotel is asking $60 million, and has been since 2008. With $44,645 monthly costs, it does not seem to be in great danger of landing buyer, but it is an undeniably impressive residence.
  7. Ditto to the penthouse in the Trump Soho Hotel Condominium, in terms of landing a buyer, as the top two floors of the building are asking $50 million, the apartment has yet to actually be built, and the listing claims that the monthly costs are $125,541 (???). The floors have 10,045 square feet of space.
  8. This one may or may not count, but the pictures are fun to look at. The raw top two floors of 15 Park Row, also known as the Cupolas Penthouse, total 10,600 square feet and are asking $19.9 million.
  9. Another 66 East 11th Street unit, the quadplex “mansion,” comes out to 10,701 square feet. It’s like its own townhouse inside a condo building, with a private elevator, wine cellar, and screening room. It’s asking $45 million.
  10. And the number one biggest apartment for sale in Manhattan is … the insane five-story penthouse in 60 Warren Street. The 10,911-square-foot pad has been on the market seemingly forever (actually since 2006) and is now asking $24.5 million.

And as the saying goes, if you have to ask what the monthly charges are, you probably can’t afford the property!

To see pictures and/or floor plans of the properties visit Curbed New York here.


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