Putting Your Small Business on the Map…Literally

By | January 9, 2020

I was recently in a meeting where Barry Rosenblum, the owner of the Intelligent Office located in RXR Plaza, Uniondale, Long Island, was the guest speaker.

He spoke about the trials and tribulations facing small businesses in today’s real estate and employment market environments.

The predicament of competing with larger companies that may possess both an impressive address and the ability to respond 24/7 to clients and prospects. That level of competition can be daunting, and I had never really considered the options that they may have.

Enter co-working spaces, particularly one located in what may be Long Island’s most prestigious office center, offering small businesses many affordable options to present themselves on a level playing field with larger companies!

Below is a brief overview and actual business example, provided by Barry, of the benefits to being portrayed as larger than you are, until you actually become that larger firm yourself! And, the downside of trying to go it alone.

Barry Rosenblum, Principal, Intelligent Office, RXR Plaza, Uniondale, www.uniondale.intelligentoffice.com

Let’s face it, we are judged by the company we keep as are our businesses. I recently needed a roofer and researched dozens of local listings. I found I was drawn only to those with a legitimate business address and positive reviews. P.O. boxes and home addresses made me wary. Following suit, those with a weak impression were likewise weak when I called.

After several calls I noticed that many companies had only a voicemail option. After leaving a few messages, I realized a callback was unlikely and this wasn’t working. I needed service immediately. Finally, one roofing company answered and I was greeted warmly. They promised to be at my house ASAP and with that, they got my $4500. 

Hiring staff and renting space at a reputable building is often cost prohibitive for small businesses. Virtual call answering and a virtual business address are 21st century solutions that make any small business, law firm or counselor legitimate in the eyes of prospects. Patients, clients and customers judge you on your listed address, reviews, and how your calls are handled. Those factors are what separates us from the long list of similar businesses and practices out there to choose from.

If you find yourself relating to the scenario above, we’d love to speak with you about how we can handle your office needs virtually, efficiently and affordably. Wishing you and your business productivity and prosperity for the new year and beyond.

Barry Rosenblum

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