What Are ‘Boomerang Buyers’?

Many homeowners negatively impacted by the financial crisis may now, all these years later, finally be in a position to qualify for a mortgage again!

These 700,000 potential 2015 reentrants into the mortgage and housing markets are known by the name ‘Boomerang Buyers’.

Boomerang buyers were impacted by the financial crisis in one of these three ways:

  • They were 60 or more days delinquent on a mortgage loan,
  • Have had a mortgage loan modified, or
  • Have lost a home through foreclosure, short sale, or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure.

These boomerang buyers, once ‘repaired’, can reenter the mortgage market. It’s estimated that over the next five years the 2015 number of 700,000 could swell an additional 2.2 million!

TransUnion’s Joe Mellman had this to say:

“Based on our study findings, the burst had a significant and dramatic impact on many consumers’ ability to re-enter the mortgage market after suffering through the downturn. It’s been over seven years since the beginning of the mortgage crisis; this is significant because many derogatory items, such as foreclosures and short sales can prevent consumers from qualifying for a new mortgage for a period of time. The timing of that challenge can vary: for example, four years must pass after a short sale and seven years must pass after a foreclosure. As consumers responsibly manage their credit and pass these milestones, we anticipate a tide of newly mortgage-eligible consumers entering the market.”

To summarize…

Boomerang Buyers Re-Entering the Market

boomerang buyers,mortgages,financial crisis

Consumers Meeting Agency Selling Guidelines in the Next Five Years

boomerang buyers,mortgages,real estate

For an excellent and deeper analysis of ‘The Bubble, the Burst and Now—What Happened to the Consumer?‘, visit the TransUnion PowerPoint on the subject here.

(Note: This article also appears at econointersect.com here)


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