Do You Ever Wonder About Multifamily Investing? Rod Khleif Is Your Go To Expert!

Master Multifamily Real Estate To Create Multi-Generational Wealth & Freedom‘ with Rod Khleif!

The statement above is no doubt bold, but given the vast experience of Rod Khleif through both good times and bad, he is a proven entity who can teach the novice the ins and outs of the world multi-family real estate investing.

Rod’s podcast, The Lifetime CashFlow. Through Real Estate Podcast, has been downloaded on ITunes over 12,000,000 times.

Through his bestseller, ‘How To Create a Lifetime of Cashflow Through Multifamily Properties, Rod provides a step-by-step approach to multifamily investing…

  • How to find the money for your apartment purchases
  • The four best areas to buy in and how to quickly evaluate an area
  • How to find the best off-market deals
  • How to identify a great deal
  • How to evaluate a property
  • How to convince sellers to give you seller financing
  • How to find investors for your deals and syndicate to buy larger properties
  • Scripts for talking to sellers, brokers, investors and lenders
  • How to perform comprehensive due diligence to protect yourself
  • The mistakes to avoid
  • How to systemize your business and turn it into a machine

The Do You Ever Wonder Podcast is happy to present this discussion with Rod Khleif that spends a good amount of time discussing the aspects of life that are necessary to feel accomplished and complete.

After listening, if you would like to learn more about Rod’s Bootcamp at the end of July in Denver, Colorado, use this link…

Rod’s book, ‘How to Create Lifetime CashFlow Through Multifamily Properties: The New Rules of Real Estate Investing‘, can be purchased on Amazon here…

If you would like to listen to Rod’s podcast, you will find it here…

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