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Correlation Or Coincidence?…Desperate Law Schools = Lowest Bar Exam Pass Rate In A Decade!

Interesting statistics about the future of the law profession due to the ‘collapse’ in the number of law school applications! Two articles this week from two different publications concerned the state of the profession of law from the perspective of the new crop of prospective lawyers who are applying to law schools and who will ultimately […]

Long Island CLE November 10: Top 10 Real Estate Closing Roadblocks (Includes Ethics Credits)

Hallmark Abstract Service, Boom Business Network, Gargano Law Group And Sterling National Bank Are Pleased To Present The Following CLE Program… The Top 10+ Difficult Issues That Cause Problems with Real Estate Closings (…and the attorney’s ethical duty to overcome them) 2 CLE Credits in Ethics and Professionalism Date: Tuesday, November 10, 2015 Cost To […]

Law School Debt: The Numbers For 2014 Graduates!

For those students who took on debt to attend law school, some of the dollar amounts that they accumulated is astounding! The question ultimately then becomes whether many will be able to pay that debt back and therefore, whether the investment was a good one? Some will of course get great paying jobs and have little problem, while for […]

Ever Wonder How The Lifestyles Of Top Law Partners Can Vary?


Probably not, particularly given the fact that the average income for the 354,000 attorney’s who filed as solo practitioners was $49,130 in 2012! Given that average income statistic I would therefore assume that few if any are expressing pity for the disparity in the lifestyles between the top and the bottom rungs of the Am Law […]

Is the US facing a coming shortage of lawyers?

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This question is based on a recent study showing that in Fall 2014 enrollment in law schools has reached a 27-year low! Is this decline in law school enrollment a harbinger of the US facing a shortage of lawyers at some point in the future? And, if we do face a shortage, before you start […]

New Yorker Gary Port: A Profile In Americanism

Law, Politics and the Military You typically get to know someone very well through business and networking which is how I met Gary Port, a matrimonial attorney and partner in the New York law firm Port and Sava. But for the most part there is usually going to be more to a person than just business […]

This is hopefully not a jury of MY peers!

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In the United States we have the guaranteed right to be judged in a jury trial by a jury of our peers! That said after reading the following article I can only hope two things: That the people on the jury described in the article below, at least from an intelligence standpoint, would never be considered […]

The Law: Deposition Humor (Video)

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Not that Hallmark Abstract Service is going to make the discussion of depositions a habit but, because our last article provided tips for anyone about to be deposed (‘The Law: Tips for being deposed!‘), this is a video of a deposition gone bad! Note: Was entered as a short film at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival Share […]

The Law: Tips for being deposed!

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Hopefully you are reading this out of curiosity and not because you are either a defendant or plaintiff having to go through the ordeal of being deposed! But, in the event you are at some point sitting in the chair being asked questions by an attorney sitting across the table, these are some great tips concerning […]