What not to do when public speaking!

By | January 14, 2014

title insurance New YorkSurveys say that for any number of reasons human beings fear public speaking more than they fear death itself!

Given that we can suppose that there is a finality to death while the act of public speaking for 15 minutes only seems like an eternity accompanied for most of us by severe feelings of anxiety and fear!

It’s the fear of sounding bad, looking bad, appearing uncomfortable and not the expert that you are being portrayed as and finally, the fear of being asked a question that you may not have the answer to.

Hallmark Abstract President Mike Haltman, in his first job out of business school, learned the lessons of public speaking early on in his career.

He was a bond analyst at a major Wall Street firm where as part of his responsibilities would go out on road shows to discuss specific bond issuers or his specific area of market expertise.

It was he says, ‘somewhat terrifying but at the same time a great experience. I only wish had I had the list of things not to do when public speaking to refer to before I hit the podium that first time’.

That list of things to avoid when speaking in public that he wishes he had are below.


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The seven most glaring public speaking mistakes!

1. Stuttered or repeated words and fillers

2. Speaking too quickly

3. Speaking too quietly

4. Gravelly voice or vocal fry

5. Trailing off at the end of phrases

6. Uptalk, or phrasing statements as questions

7. Speaking in a monotone voice

For a more in-depth discussion of each of these points you can find them at Entrepreneur.com here.

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