What Do Clients Think About Hallmark Abstract Service – A Testimonial

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Why Do People Choose To Use Hallmark Abstract Service?

As many of you know by now the focus of the articles at the Hallmark Abstract Service blog tend to be about issues that either affect the entire title insurance industry, topics that we feel may be of interest to our readers across industries, available events offering business development opportunities and finally about the Heroes To Heroes Foundation that HAS President Michael Haltman serves as Board Chair.

What you typically Will Not find are advertisements for Hallmark Abstract Service under the guise of an article. That said, over the years we have periodically pointed to the way in which we conduct our business in the context of how we seek to protect the consumer who is the actual end user of the title insurance policy being purchased.

Today, however, we are going to stray slightly as a testimonial was received that needed to be shared.

In the world of the New York State title insurance industry where differentiation can sometimes be difficult and the NYS government has made proactive business development and client retention activities all but impossible, this testimonial goes a long way in explaining why Hallmark Abstract Service continues to thrive.

The Testimonial

This testimonial was received from someone we have known for years but who only recently began doing business with us.

These unsolicited thoughts have nothing to do with tickets to shows, dinners or a box at a Yankee game. Not only because these activities are no longer allowed by NYSDFS Regulation 208, but because that is not the way that the firm has earned business over the 10-years it has existed!

This testimonial has everything to do with the way that Hallmark Abstract Service treats its clients when it comes to their commercial or residential real estate deal or mortgage refinance no matter how large or how small it may be.

As our website says:

HAS was founded on the following fundamental principles: First and foremost to protect its clients in what may likely be the largest financial transaction of their lives to date, to provide service above and beyond their expectations and finally to ensure that there will never be any surprises at the closing table for their residential or commercial property transaction.

If any New York State real estate attorney’s, mortgage originators or individuals buying residential or commercial real estate (you do have the right to choose your title insurance provider) would like to have an experience that’s similar or schedule a meeting to speak about what Hallmark Abstract Service does and how we do it, please contact Michael Haltman at the information below.

Now for the short and sweet testimonial…

You guys spoil me. Why would a company use anyone else but Hallmark?

; -P

Michael Haltman, President
Hallmark Abstract Service
Phone: (646) 741-6101
Email: mhaltman@hallmarkabstractllc.com

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