US Economic Calendar Week of May 12, 2014

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US Economic Calendar for the Week of May 12, 2014

For anyone concerned with the direction of interest rates, mortgage rates and the overall strength of the US economy, the data scheduled to be released in the upcoming week in conjunction with any comments coming out of the mouths of members of the Federal Open Market Committee will most certainly provide some strong clues about all of them.

They will likely also spur market speculation on the future tapering intentions of the Federal Reserve as well so, any way you slice it, there is likely going to be significant action in the bond markets as a result.

Add to the mix continued global turmoil particularly in Russia and Ukraine where another referendum vote is scheduled to occur on Sunday and the impact it is going to on commodity prices and the FOREX market, and the foundation has been set for an interesting week ahead!

Courtesy of Econoday this is the chart of the US economic data to be released during the week of May 12, 2014 along with scheduled speeches by members of the Federal Reserve.

Highlights for the week include an appearance by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen who on Thursday will be speaking at a Small Business Administration event as well as the release of the Housing Market Index on Wednesday and Housing Starts on Friday. 

The chart below also includes the upcoming treasury auction calendar!

Monday May 12

Charles Plosser Speaks
12:00 PM ET

Treasury Budget
2:00 PM ET
Dennis Lockhart Speaks
12:30 AM ET

Retail Sales
8:30 AM ET
8:55 AM ET

Jeffrey Lacker Speaks
10:30 AM ET

8:30 AM ET
Weekly Bill SettlementJanet Yellen Speaks

Jobless Claims
8:30 AM ET

William Dudley Speaks
8:30 AM ET

Money Supply
4:30 PM ET
Housing Starts
8:30 AM ET

James Bullard Speaks
11:50 AM ET

Equity Settlement
Equity Settlement
Equity Settlement
Equity Settlement
Equity Settlement

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