US Economic Calendar: Week of April 7, 2014

title insurance, New York,New York City,Long Island,Michael HaltmanUS Economic Calendar for the Week of April 7, 2014

For real estate investors, residential or commercial real estate property buyers worried about mortgage rates or current property owners looking to either refinance or sell, the economic data to be released in the upcoming week will most certainly have some degree of impact on their plans.

The data could have a direct effect on interest rates or possibly spur market speculation on the future tapering intentions of the Federal Reserve but, one way or another, there is likely going to be significant action in the bond markets as a result.

Add to the mix of uncertainty existing and potential global events and the foundation has been set for an interesting week ahead.

Courtesy of Econoday this is the chart of the US economic data to be released during the week of April 7, 2014 including speeches that are scheduled to be given by various Federal Reserve Governors and the treasury auction calendar!

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Monday Apr 7 Tuesday Apr 8 Wednesday Apr 9 Thursday Apr 10 Friday Apr 11

James Bullard Speaks
11:45 AM ET

TD Ameritrade IMX
12:30 PM ET
Consumer Credit
3:00 PM ET
8:55 AM ET
10:00 AM ET

Narayana Kocherlakota Speaks
1:30 PM ET

Charles Plosser Speaks
2:45 PM ET

Wholesale Trade
10:00 AM ET
FOMC Minutes
2:00 PM ET

Charles Evans Speaks
3:30 PM ET

Daniel Tarullo Speaks
7:00 PM ET

Weekly Bill Settlement

Jobless Claims
8:30 AM ET

Charles Evans Speaks
11:50 AM ET

Treasury Budget
2:00 PM ET
Money Supply
4:30 PM ET
8:30 AM ET
Equity Settlement
Equity Settlement
Equity Settlement
Equity Settlement
Equity Settlement
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