United Van Lines Study – Why are so many people moving out of New York State?

By | January 18, 2021
United Van Lines releases its annual study documenting where, why and in what numbers Americans are moving!

One overriding reason for moving in 2020 of course had to do with Covid-19, as concerns over big city density drove many to find less-dense locales in which to live.

But, for a state like New York, cost of living and quality of life issues also have played a significant role.

In 2020 the study found that inbound movement comprised 33.1% of traffic, while outbound moves to ‘greener pastures’ was 66.9%.

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Primary Reason for Moving – New York State

INBOUND                                                         OUTBOUND
9.09%                  retirement                              25.26%
6.22%                  health                                          5.15%
35.41%                family                                        22.68%
8.61%                  lifestyle                                      18.04%
40.67%               job                                               34.19%

Health reasons played a somewhat limited role as the rationale for moving away, with lifestyle and retirement showing the largest increase inbound vs. outbound.

Striking in the study is the continuing trend of New York being among the states with the largest exodus of people…

Among the top inbound states were South Carolina (64%), Oregon (63%), South Dakota (62%) and Arizona (62%), while New York (67%), Illinois (67%), Connecticut (63%) and California (59%) were among the states experiencing the largest exoduses.

Read more of the study results at the United Van Lines study here, and use the chart above for information about specific states.


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