Unholy Alliances In Government And The Price ‘We The People’ Pay!

Reaching across the aisle is a common term used to describe when antagonists from opposing political parties decide in certain circumstances to work together on a piece of legislation!

For example, from the article cited below…

“There will be some stew that everyone can put something into.”

“I’m not saying that anything is attached . . . the Senate has a list, we have a list, and if we can come to agreement . . . that’s usually what happens.”

“My guess is it will be a ‘little ugly’ that gives everyone a little something they want.”

And while the phrase ‘reaching across the aisle’ is typically used to describe deals made between Democrats and Republicans in the hallowed halls of the US Senate and House of Representatives, these politically expedient alliances can also occur within state legislative bodies as well.

But suffice it to say that wherever these linkups happen to take place, it will typically be onerous or distasteful either to business or the general public.

For business, particularly small business, it will usually mean ‘checking your wallet’ because deals are about to be made that will affect the ability to operate profitably.

For the general public it will no doubt mean that some back-room deal is about to be cut that panders to one constituency at the expense of one or more other ones.

This is not to say that all legislation put forth by politicians is bad but, when it comes to making deals designed to gain votes for the purpose of maintaining power and position, many of our elected officials cannot resist the opportunity to do so.

Decisions are therefore often made to legislate with a machete rather than a nail clipper with little thought given to the long-term consequences.

Why? I refer you back two paragraphs to the idea that in an effort to win elections politicians will often do and say whatever it takes to accomplish their desired endgame!

And for those of you who may be wondering where this article falls on the political spectrum, it is absolutely a bi-partisan issue!

Political Case In Point From New York

Here’s the headline…

Albany leaders negotiating another ‘big ugly’ megadeal

Another “big ugly” is lurking in Albany.

That’s Albany-speak for what has in recent years become the almost routine megadeals in which unrelated issues that likely wouldn’t have passed on their merits alone are negotiated behind closed doors as a single, intertwining pact by the governor and legislative leaders. Good-government advocates see the practice as an affront to the legislative process that leaves most New Yorkers in the dark until the deal is done.

This year’s batch of major, divisive issues includes the Senate’s goal of making the 2 percent property tax cap permanent; the Assembly’s goals of changing the Common Core curriculum and revising a more demanding teacher evaluation system; and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s goals of raising the cap on the number of charter schools and passing an education tax credit that would benefit religious and private schools.

“They are talking about putting it into one big bill, they call it ‘the big ugly,’ ” said one senior Senate Republican about the confidential negotiations. What will be in it? “That remains to be seen,” the senator said. “There is stuff no one wants . . . but they will put stuff in. That’s part of the strategy.”

Just another day in the land of politics with we, the little people or the small businesses, typically paying the price!


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