Trying To Sell Your Home? 20 Tips To Help Improve Your Chances! (Infographic)

By | October 19, 2018

A recent article at the Hallmark Abstract Service website examined just how well the residential real estate market is acting relative to existing economic conditions!

The finding in the article, ‘Why Is The Residential Real Estate Market Underperforming Its Potential?‘, is that in fact, it is not doing as well as perhaps it should be.

Of course, there are certain things a home seller might consider doing to make the process successful and smoother. One idea would be a simple attorney search performed by a title insurance company to discover whether there are any issues, currently known or unknown to the seller, that might get in the way of a timely sale. Open permits or liens are a couple of examples that can be corrected prior to a title report obtained by any potential buyer, pointing them out.

Beyond that, the infographic below from the website Keeping Current Matters, offers some simple ideas to improve a homes ‘Curb Appeal’ and at the same time make potential buyers feel more comfortable (and potentially put them in the mood to make an offer).

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