Title Insurance Charges

Title Charges and Fees

The following link to the title insurance premium calculator and the Hallmark Abstract Service list of charges will enable clients or potential clients to determine a reasonable estimate of what the cost of the title portion of a commercial or residential real estate transaction transaction may be.

If after reviewing them you have any questions please let us know at 516.741.4723 or by email at orders@hallmarkabstractllc.com.

Title Premiums and the Reissue Rate

As long as a borrower meets eligibility requirements they will be provided the reissue rate. Qualification for the reissue rate (provided the borrower has remained on title with no deed transfers) is predicated on the borrower having purchased or refinanced their home within 10-years of the current transaction

Title Insurance Rate Calculator: By clicking on this link you will be able to determine what the title insurance for your specific transaction will cost! Click Here

Coop Lien Search: $350 includes contin, insurance and taxes

Search Fees

Last Owner Search:                  $100                       Escrow Service Charge: $75

Attorney Search:                       $250                       Bankruptcy Search:        $25/borrower

Municipals (All Counties):      $ 250-$400          Patriot search:                 $25/borrower

Certificate of Good Standing: $150

Franchise Tax:                           $50

24-Month Chain of Title:        $150

Miscellaneous Fees

Quote to obtain a survey is provided upon request

ACRIS/Westchester Transfer Document Preparation: $150

State Sales Tax: Beginning September 1, 2010, Municipals, Bankruptcy, Coop Lien and Patriot Searches are subject to sales tax. State sales tax will be based on the location of the subject property.

Recording Fees

Please add the Hallmark Abstract Service fee of $50/document to these amounts if we will be recording them:

Nassau County, New York Recording Fees

Deed (3 pages)                       $490 + $225 For Block Verification Letter (If Commercial + $125)

Mortgage                                 $345 + $5/page + $225 For Block Verification Letter

Satisfaction/Assignment     $345 + $5/page + $225 For Block Verification Letter

Power Of Attorney                $345 + $5/page (No Block Verification Letter Required)

Block Verification Letter Is $225 Per Document Except For POA And UCC

Suffolk County Recording Fee

Deed (3 pages)                        $195 (If Commercial Add $125) + $200 Block Verification Fee

Mortgage                                  $45 + $5/page + $200 Block Verification Fee

Satisfaction/Assignment      $45 + $5/page + $200 Block Verification Fee

Power Of Attorney                 $45 + $5/page (No Block Verification Fee)

Block Verification Fee Is $200 Per Document Except For POA And UCC

New York City (Five Boroughs) Recording Fees

Deed                                          $162 + $5/page (Plus $125 If Commercial)

Mortgage                                  $45 + $5/page

Satisfaction                              $45 + $5/page

Power Of Attorney                  $45 + $5/page

$3 Per Each Additional Lot

Westchester County Recording Fees

Deed                                            $175 + $5/page

Mortgage/Satisfaction/Etc.    $45 + $5/page

Other New York State Counties –  Recording Fees Available Upon Request

The fees on this page are being disclosed as part of the Department of Financial Services regulatory requirements as stated in Section 35.6 (b).

The fees being disclosed do not necessarily pertain to the readers specific transaction.

These fees do NOT represent all of the fees that a transaction may be subject to but these are the most common ones.

A formal quote of fees for a transaction can be obtained by emailing the specifics of a transaction to orders@hallmarkabstractllc.com (Address, Purchase/Refinance, Mortgage Amount, Etc.).

All of these fees are subject to change.

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