This is hopefully not a jury of MY peers!

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In the United States we have the guaranteed right to be judged in a jury trial by a jury of our peers!

That said after reading the following article I can only hope two things:

  1. That the people on the jury described in the article below, at least from an intelligence standpoint, would never be considered to be my peers and,
  2. That the members of the jury, primarily young college students according to the defendants attorney, are the exception and not the rule when it comes to those who represent the future of our country!

One final note: Because most if not all of our decisions and actions have consequences, consider that had the jury reported theirs correctly and the defendant retried instead of acquitted, it is likely that what occurred after court was adjourned would not have!

‘Hung jury acquits defendant by mistake’

Updated: After convicting a co-defendant in a California burglary case, a Fresno jury deadlocked 8-4 on the charges against Bobby Lee Pearson.

However, he was acquitted Wednesday when the jury mistakenly signed a not-guilty form, reports the Fresno Bee. A third defendant earlier took a plea.

Polled as the verdict was announced, all 12 members of the panel nodded their agreement, the newspaper says. The mistake was discovered when one juror later told court staff he had voted guilty, defense attorney Linden Lindahl explained. The jury was still at hand because another phase of the trial was scheduled for the afternoon.

By that point, it was too late to correct the error under double jeopardy law.

Stunned, Judge W. Kent Hamlin went over the jury instructions with the panel to try to figure out what went wrong when they returned from lunch, the Bee reports. They apparently understood instructions that guilty and not-guilty verdicts had to be unanimous, but were confused by verdict forms, which didn’t include a deadlock option.

“I can’t believe it,” Hamlin said as he ordered Pearson set free. “This has never happened to me in more than 100 jury trials that I have done.”

Lindahl attributed the unusual result to a “June jury” seemingly made up largely of young college students who had postponed their jury service until the school year was over.

“Hamlin did everything by the book,” he told the newspaper, adding: “There was nothing out of the ordinary.”

The Fresno Bee later reported that Pearson was fatally attacked within an hour of his release. He was freed at 11:57 p.m. Wednesday from Fresno County Jail and pronounced dead 1:25 a.m. Thursday at Community Regional Medical Center. A suspect in the slaying, who police say is the boyfriend of Pearson’s sister, was arrested shortly before 5 a.m. (Source)

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2 thoughts on “This is hopefully not a jury of MY peers!

  1. Dan

    Pearson had an extensive “rap sheet”. The crime for which he was mistakenly acquitted was just one in a long stream of abuses against society and the citizenry that he had engaged in. I’d call this one Karmic Justice as the end result was a career criminal removed from society. If the jury had NOT screwed up the defendant would likely have been retried and either acquitted to continue his life of crime or convicted, done 3-5 years behind bars and THEN been released… continue his life of crime. No tears should be shed in this instance.


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