The Real Estate Agent Known As ‘Super Realtor Man’ (Video/Humor)

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For as long as there have been houses for sale, anxious owners, eager buyers and real estate brokers who seek to connect the two there has been advertising!

And, because the competition for listings and clients is so fierce, marketing campaigns runs the gamut from traditional to cutting edge in order to create some degree of differentiation between all of the players.

Who can forget the billboards from the movie ‘I Love You Man’ that brought creativity and pushing of the envelope to a new level. Here’s one of them:

Well now there is a realtor in Fresno, California, Erick Motta, who has created a video starring himself that portrays him in the role of ‘Super Realtor Man with a Go Pro’.

In the video he is summoned by a desperate homeowner who needs to sell her house very, very fast! In this case very, very fast means overnight!

The moral is that while none of us has the power of a Superman, when we create a marketing plan regardless of our business, differentiation and grabbing the attention of potential customers needs to be one of our major goals.

Of course sometimes easier said than done!

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