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New York Homebuyer, Attorney or Real Estate Agent? Calculate Title Insurance Costs, On Demand, With The Hallmark Abstract Service App!

Calculate  New York Title Insurance Costs at the Very Beginning of a Transaction, Using The ‘GET A QUOTE’ App in the Lower Right-hand Corner of the Hallmark Abstract Service Website!  You can also install our app on your phone to access a title insurance quote anywhere, and in realtime (contact info@hallmarkabstractllc.com for details). In A New York State […]

Title Insurance: Not “Just Another Fee”

Hallmark Abstract Service

Title Insurance: Not “Just Another Fee” By Michael Haltman, Partner        Hallmark Abstract Service Title insurance is a closing expense for both residential and commercial real estate transactions that can sometimes be misunderstood by the property buyer. In fact, a recent survey conducted by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) revealed that most […]