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How many times a week should a real estate agent (or anyone else) be blogging?

title insurance New York and Long Island

It’s an age-old question: How many articles is the correct number of articles to write in a real estate blog each week? On the one hand I suppose it depends on how much you have to say on a given topic or how often you find subjects that you feel will be of interest to […]

Presenting The Long Island Commercial Real Estate Expo!

title insurance New York and Long Island

Hallmark Abstract Service is once again exhibiting at the Long Island Commercial Real Estate Expo (LICREE) taking place on March 18, 2014 at the Long Island Hilton in Melville, New York! In 2013 LICREE had proved to be an extremely positive event for our firm both in terms of exposure to the participants in the […]

Sunday Funnies: Dogs shoveling the snow! (Video)

title insurance New York and Long Island

This video is for New Yorker’s who have been dealing with a long and difficult winter already receiving about two times the average amount of snowfall for the season! And if you own a home or are responsible for clearing snow at a property these past few months have been made that much tougher! Wouldn’t […]

Valentine’s Day report on the New York neighborhoods with the most infidelity!

title insurance New York and Long Island

Earlier today we provided some thoughts on the Top 5 ideas for you and your significant other to enjoy in New York City on Valentine’s Day! But what about the other side of the coin meaning spouses who instead of finding things to do with their loved one on Valentine’s Day (or any other day) […]

How do you choose a real estate agent?

title insurance New York

For example let’s say you want to buy or sell a home or commercial property on Long Island or in New York City! Some of the property legwork can be accomplished on your own but when it comes time to seek the help and advice of a real estate professional, how would you choose between […]

Are you living in a sinkhole zone?

title insurance New York and Long Island

If it’s true that the key to real estate is location, location, location, then you would likely want to know if you are in a natural disaster zone BEFORE you buy! While the odds of anyone in New York City or Long Island living in an area that’s prone to sinkholes is minor, what about […]

Long Island is the nation’s hottest real estate market! (Chart)

title insurance New York and Long Island

According to a study conducted by Pro Teck Valuations Services using a combination of metrics including foreclosure sales and available housing inventory, the real estate market on Long Island is the hottest in the nation! While this news may bode well for home sellers on Long Island, the eager real estate buyers in some other […]

Are new foreclosures filings in New York about to rise significantly?

title insurance New York

Since the worst days of the economic crisis in 2008-2009 the statistics presented by the media concerning the level of new foreclosure filings in New York have indicated that borrowers are on the mend and that the tidal-wave effect of the financial crisis was over! But is this actually correct? For those of us whose […]

The Long Island Fight for Charity ‘Main Event’ is approaching quickly and…

We need your support! The Long Island Fight for Charity is celebrating its 10th Anniversary of supporting these three great charities: The ‘Main Event’! On November 25 Michael Haltman of Hallmark Abstract Service will be stepping into the ring for a 3-round bout at the Long Island Hilton that will be the culmination of 10 […]

Real estate broker income soars!

Real estate broker record income

There are any number of explanations for the fact that real estate brokers are earning at a rate not seen for quite some time! An improving market, low interest rates and higher selling prices are certainly prominent in the mix. The following article courtesy of CNBC explains it all in detail. ‘The Other Housing Recovery: […]