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Leadership: Should You Be Feared Or Loved?

If, as Adam Grant wrote in a 2013 article ‘Give and Take’, leaders need to be givers, must they also be the consummate ‘nice guy’ as well? Givers Gain! On May 6 I had written an article offering the opinion that serial takers needed to be avoided at all costs and that like-minded people going out of […]

Quiz: Are you a good networker?

Because of the important role that networking plays in business, business development and life in general, we have touched on various parts of it in past articles! Networking is an activity that for some some comes completely naturally while for others it can be difficult and quite anxiety provoking. And yet it is such an […]

Eight networking tips for introverts!

Do you network? If you are the owner of a small business (or any business), are in sales or business development at a company that you simply work for, you undoubtedly spend some portion of your time networking. Even if your job description does not match the two described above you will most likely find […]

How do you choose a real estate agent?

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For example let’s say you want to buy or sell a home or commercial property on Long Island or in New York City! Some of the property legwork can be accomplished on your own but when it comes time to seek the help and advice of a real estate professional, how would you choose between […]