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New York City’s 100 Worst Landlords


For a prospective renter of an apartment in NYC, knowing the quality of the landlord is one more metric to consider when making a decision about where to live! But the question is, how do they do that? Here’s some help! NYC Government Oversight The Department of Housing Preservation & Development (HPB) will, among other mandates, ‘respond […]

NYC Rental Apartments: How Many Roommates Are Too Many Roommates?

New York City Roommate Law Questions And Answers Given the (exorbitant) monthly rents being asked by building owners for apartments throughout New York City, a common question that frequently gets asked by prospective tenants concerns just how many people are legally allowed to live in any given unit? For some answers, and through the wonders of networking, I was […]

How to finance a condo!

Follow @Hallmark Abstract Service As discussed previously in the HAS blog, for residential buyers in New York City there are three basic types of property available to purchase! They are single family homes, condominiums and coops with each of the five boroughs typically possessing different ratios of each. In Manhattan the mix is approximately 75% coop […]