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LinkedIn Assessment Test: How Strong Is Your Presence?

For those businesspeople who follow Hallmark Abstract Service either through the blog on our website or the articles posted at LinkedIn, you already know that LinkedIn represents a key cog in our firms marketing strategy! After all, in a crowded niche business like title insurance, any opportunity to differentiate ourselves from the competition is critical […]

Variation In Advertising Style: Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl Ad! (Video)

Would a Super Bowl commercial starring Charlotte McKinney motivate you to try this Carl’s Jr. hamburger? Carl’s Jr. is spending Super Bowl-size dollars counting on the fact that it will! After watching the Carl’s Jr. ad, compare and contrast this method of advertising to the critique here of a Liberty Mutual ad a few days […]

Five ‘Pillars’ Of Small Business Success

As the owner of a small business, these ‘5 Pillars of Small Business Success’ serve as a great reminder of some key areas to focus on! The question is often asked concerning what it is that makes a successful business successful and, whether some formula or recipe exists that can be followed to ensure the […]

Corporate Branding: 40 Logos containing a hidden message! (Infographic)

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We have all seen the logos in this infographic over the years, but may not have known that each contains a hidden message meant for the consumer! As an aside, you will unfortunately not see the Hallmark Abstract Service logo in the infographic as it is hard to imagine the hidden or subliminal message that […]

Criteria Google uses to determines if your website is ‘quality’

If your company has a website (which of course it should), one of your goals should be receiving organic traffic through an internet search by a user interested in your specific product or service! And of course the number one goal, the mother-load of organic search, is to appear on Page 1 of the results! Google uses a complex […]

Milking a mature product!

Real opportunity to grow revenues and margins may be lurking in your company’s commodity and mature product lines. Evolving these products with smart, tightly-targeted development investments can rejuvenate an existing product line. (Source) Managing a product, particularly if it currently sits towards the mature or declining end of the product life cycle scale, can present […]

Promoting and branding our businesses!

In one way or another anyone in business does some form of promotion! Large corporations such as Coca-Cola may use nationally-run television commercials as a tool while a local mom and pop business may simply be a member of its town Chamber of Commerce where they hand out business cards and flyers. In between those […]

Steve Coburn, California Chrome and the fickleness of public perception! (Video)

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A co-owner of California Chrome, Steve Coburn, has unfortunately provided the perfect example for how the perception of the public can be changed forever and in the blink of an eye! For those of us in business it serves as a stark reminder that while we only have one chance to make a good first impression we […]

Beats by Dre, the World Cup and 5 of the keys to great advertising! (Video)

title insurance New York,New York City,Long Island

Whether advertising is being created for a title company, mortgage bank, real estate office or Beats by Dre, there are certain keys to ensuring that it as effective as it possibly can be! For anyone in a competitive business, in effect most of us, differentiating ourselves from the competitors is extremely important although at times easier […]

The Real Estate Agent Known As ‘Super Realtor Man’ (Video/Humor)

title insurance New York,New York City,Long Island

For as long as there have been houses for sale, anxious owners, eager buyers and real estate brokers who seek to connect the two there has been advertising! And, because the competition for listings and clients is so fierce, marketing campaigns runs the gamut from traditional to cutting edge in order to create some degree […]