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Yikes: 10-Year Treasury Tops 2.70%

10-year treasury yield above 2.70%

Update February 1, 2018: 10-year Treasury bond yield is 2.79% The bond market sell-off continues pushing the 10-year Treasury bond yield, for the first-time since 2014, over 2.70% currently trading at  2.701% after hitting a yield earlier today of 2.72%! Some of you will be asking why you should care about the treasury bond market, but […]

Are 10-year Treasury Yields A Shot Across The Bow Of The Real Estate Market?

10-year treasury note chart

Over the past month or so Hallmark Abstract Service has explored whether blockchain may at some point in the future disrupt the title insurance industry (‘Can Blockchain Technology Ultimately Eradicate Any Need For Title Insurance In New York State?‘) ! In addition, potentially affecting real estate and real estate transactions are the issues surrounding the […]