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U.S. Business In The Hands Of Federal Reserve Academicians!

What is it that can and often will separate successful businessmen and investors from those who may not be? Often it’s the ability to ‘pull the trigger’ on decisions that may not be that easy to make. In the stock market the best time to buy is often the very time that everyone else is […]

The Federal Reserve Needs To Raise Rates So That It Can Cut Rates!

Confused? The Fed raising interest rates in order to be able to cut them at some point in the future is the rationale I am hearing on the business news!  The reason is that if (when) the United States economy heads into another recession, the Fed will have ammunition available to be able to take proactive […]

Is the Fed behind the proverbial interest rate eight ball?

Whatever industry you happen to be working in, a healthy and consistently growing US economy will likely be one of your most important keys to success! Certainly my business of providing the title insurance for buyers and refinancers of real estate depends heavily on a growing economy, consumer confidence, a vibrant transactional marketplace and available financing […]

New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio And Lessons In Leadership!

While a title insurance company’s blog is primarily a venue for business news and ideas, not politics, the fact of the matter is that for better or for worse the two are often inextricably linked! For the purposes of this article my politics do not matter (they say that politics is one of the primary topics […]

The Eurozone Economy Is At Risk Of Contracting!

Despite the fact that there some financial seers pointing to an economic recovery in the EU, the actual data may suggest otherwise! Some of those in the investing arena who have an economic axe to grind (i.e. stock brokers and all-long money managers) have suggested recently that the EU is on the cusp of an […]

Week of October 13, 2014: It’s all about geopolitics and disease!

Update 2:30 PM, October 14: In another sign that market players have concerns about the global economic outlook, crude oil ended the day down about $4 settling in the low $80-range!  Under the assumption that most Americans would like to keep an eye on their money, the US Economic Calendar for the week of October 13, 2014 […]

Setting Global Monetary Policy: 21st Century Snake Oil Salesmen? (Bonus Video)

This slightly irreverent article title is meant to ask the question of whether those tasked with deciding economic policy, and US policy in particular, actually have a strong handle on the how and why it will work as drawn up on the blackboard? Additionally do they have any inkling concerning what any of the unintended […]

What does a 2.35% 10-year Treasury note yield mean to you?

For those who may not follow the government bond market, 2.35% is the current yield of the 10-year Treasury note! That said, the 52-week low yield for this benchmark security is a mere 4 basis points away at 2.31%. So why, given the fact that the powers that be are trumpeting a stronger and improving […]

Innovation leads to wealth creation and economic growth! (Video)

Throughout history there are certain constants that have driven the creation of wealth and economic growth in a given society! As this video will explain, it’s the accumulation of knowledge that is the key factor moving a civilization from one era to the next. As an example, can you name the major differences between the lifestyle and […]

US economic data due the week of August 11, 2014


US Economic Calendar for the Week of August 11, 2014 The economic calendar provided in this article gives the days and times for this weeks key economic releases that will contain data that will potentially impact the direction interest rates may move in the short and intermediate-term. This economic information will also provide investors and businesses both anecdotal evidence about the direction […]