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Variation In Advertising Style: Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl Ad! (Video)

Would a Super Bowl commercial starring Charlotte McKinney motivate you to try this Carl’s Jr. hamburger? Carl’s Jr. is spending Super Bowl-size dollars counting on the fact that it will! After watching the Carl’s Jr. ad, compare and contrast this method of advertising to the critique here of a Liberty Mutual ad a few days […]

Guest Post: Attorney Advertising: What’s the Difference between Educating the Public and Advertising?

Most attorneys, especially those at smaller firms, rely on referrals, networking and advertising to attract new clients. For this article we’ll address the difference between educating the public and advertising. Attorneys can educate the public concerning legal issues with materials that are not considered ads. Advertising is any type of communication about an attorney or […]

Christmas and Thanksgiving have been co-opted by commerce!

Some stores around the United States are opening on Thanksgiving in order to try and squeeze every last sale out of the Christmas selling season! For anyone who is paying attention to newspaper, television and radio ads, the title of this article will not come as any great surprise. It seems that an emphasis on […]

Promoting and branding our businesses!

In one way or another anyone in business does some form of promotion! Large corporations such as Coca-Cola may use nationally-run television commercials as a tool while a local mom and pop business may simply be a member of its town Chamber of Commerce where they hand out business cards and flyers. In between those […]

Landon Donovan: Overcoming adversity! (EA Sports Video)

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When facing adversity in business, we hopefully handle it as well as Landon Donovan has after having been cut from Team USA! After having been unceremoniously cut from Team USA for the 2014 World Cup, this commercial from EA Sports that includes some terrific self-deprecating humor is a terrific way for soccer great Landon Donovan to […]

The Real Estate Agent Known As ‘Super Realtor Man’ (Video/Humor)

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For as long as there have been houses for sale, anxious owners, eager buyers and real estate brokers who seek to connect the two there has been advertising! And, because the competition for listings and clients is so fierce, marketing campaigns runs the gamut from traditional to cutting edge in order to create some degree […]

Don’t try to be something you’re not! (Video)

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HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO A CLOSING WHERE THE TITLE WASN’T CLEARED? WE HAVEN’T! In business, life or, as the video below shows, television news, at times some may find the temptation of  trying to appear to be something who they really are not too tempting an idea to resist! In the news they may […]

Top 20 Most Visited Real Estate Websites!

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So many real estate websites and so little time! How does the consumer along with the companies involved with the buying, selling and marketing of real estate on a daily basis know the key websites that they should likely be visiting or potentially advertising on? In the world of the internet the key metric for […]

Friday dose of humor courtesy of Foot Locker! (Video)

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Your friends at Hallmark Abstract Service would like to help you wind down from your hectic week by providing this extremely funny dose of humor courtesy of Foot Locker! And while this video doesn’t offer any advice from industry experts or statistics about the real estate or mortgage markets, it is a great lesson on […]