San Antonio Spurs basketball as a metaphor for success in business! (Video)

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There’s no ‘I’ in team in much the same way as there is no “Me’ in business!

Of course there will always be exceptions to the rule such as the trader who works out of his house with the only raw materials being used are technology and money but, for the rest of us, our businesses have an extraordinary number of moving parts.

Each of these parts need to in sync working together smoothly because if one is out of whack it can throw the entire operation into a state of flux.

Watching the San Antonio Spurs play the Miami Heat last night I was struck by how the differing styles in many ways mirrored business success versus failure.

On the one hand you had San Antonio executing a strategy of passing inside, outside and then around the perimeter until the desired open shot had been created.

And, while the reality was that the shot was going to be missed in the neighborhood of 50% of the time, the team had manufactured an outcome that presented them with the best opportunity for success!

Miami on the other hand often had four members of the team standing still while one player worked one on one with multiple defenders often creating a difficult and forced shot with a much lower probability of success.

The result? A 107-86 win for the team executing as a cohesive unit worried less about personal statistics and only about the end result.

A great lesson to be learned by all of us!

This is a montage of San Antonio Spurs basketball that clearly displays the concept of team!

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