Private Option For Title Insurance?

By | November 10, 2009

It’s Not Just Health Insurance

With all of the debate currently going on surrounding the Obama health care bill and the controversial public option, in some quarters the idea has been floated for a similar option when it comes to title insurance.

The same arguments that will most likely keep a public option out of health insurance, will likely do the same in title insurance. What is the public option. Simply speaking this is where the government comes in and runs a program as if it were the private sector. The problem becomes, however, that the government has proven over time that it is in no way as capable as the private sector in running a program, particularly complex ones.

“Cash for clunkers”, the program designed to get gas guzzling cars and truck off of the roads while stimulating car sales is a perfect example of the government bureaucracy getting involved in the private sector, and doing no where nearly as good a job.

According to, of the 600,000+ cars sold under the program, only 125,000 or so would not have happened anyway. If you determine the cost of the program and divide it by the 125,000, it cost the taxpayers over $24,000 per vehicle turned in. Not exactly a win-win.

For this reason it is important to keep the government focused on the main things they are tasked with and out of private enterprise. Those are namely national security and the well being of all of the citizens at home and abroad.

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