Print this if you are planning to purchase commercial or residential real estate in New York!

By | January 9, 2014

title insurance New York

If you are planning a New York commercial or residential real estate acquisition or the refinance of an existing mortgage in 2014, print out this flyer and put it in a safe place!

The reality for consumers is that they DO have the opportunity to choose the provider of title insurance for their transaction!

Another reality is that although the actual title insurance premium will not vary from firm to firm the ‘other’ fees will, and they can amount to a significant amount of money.

Hallmark Abstract Service, by charging our cost for those fees, can potentially save our clients hundreds of dollars while providing the ultimate security of the title policy being underwritten through the Chicago Title Insurance Company!

So for consumers who will drive many miles to save money on product purchases like a television or shoes, doesn’t contacting Hallmark Abstract Service to see whether significant savings for their transaction closing costs are possible make sense?

We think it does!

Saving money on title insurance in New York State



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