Stop Property Thieves From Stealing Your Home in New York City, Nassau County or Suffolk County…For Free!

Prevent home title theft

You’ve seen or heard the commercials, possibly narrated by Bill O’Reilly, that extol the need to pay about $15 a month to protect your home from fraudsters who are out to put their name on your deed, steal your home and leave you with nothing!

Or they say that perhaps a mortgage will be obtained fraudulently with your home as the collateral, resulting in a Marshal appearing at your door ordering you to leave.

The commercials will pull on your emotions and fears because, as our home may likely be our most valuable asset critical for retirement planning and other types of planning, no one wants to lose it or have it actually become an economic burden with a stranger the beneficiary!

But, if you live in New York City, Nassau County, Suffolk County and likely many others, you can register free for notification if any recording activity involving your property takes place! The process is provided below…

When You Buy A Home, Or Refinance Your Mortgage, You Will Be Protected!

Of course in New York State when you are buying a residential or commercial property, you have the right to choose the title insurance provider who will protect your interests, insuring that you have ‘good, clean and clear’ title to your property.

And also please remember that title insurance providers ARE NOT all the same, with varied underwriters, claims experience and most certainly costs on the title bill! Do your homework as you would with anything that you buy. Read ‘For New York Homebuyers, Demystifying A Large Part Of The The Closing Table Experience!

Sign-up to Avoid Title Fraud in New York City, Nassau County and Suffolk County

Once you own your home, in the boroughs of New York City and two counties on Long Island, a free registry is available to homeowners that will notify them if and when a document is recorded against their property!

New York City ACRIS: Register your property here!

Nassau County Property Fraud Alert: Register your property here!

Suffolk County Home Owner Watch List (HOWL): Register your property here!

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Questions about title insurance? Please ask Hallmark Abstract Service at

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