NYC PH: 6,200 SF, 61′ outdoor pool, 4,000 SF patio and a $50MM price tag! (Photos)

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And with Hudson River views to boot!

Only in New York? Only in New York!

Of course if you head about 20 blocks north and over to the East Side of Manhattan another PH with a private pool is asking an even more astounding $100MM!

The downtown apartment that’s offering ‘relative value’ to its ultimate buyer is located at 551 West 21st Street while the uptown unit is domiciled at 50 UN Plaza.

For comparison purposes the following article contains the 5 priciest residential real estate sales in NYC for 2013, none of which topped $50MM:

2013 Top 5 Most Expensive New York City Residential Real Estate Sales!


Photos courtesy of Curbed New York

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