NYC Valet Parking Phone App: Valet (Anywhere) On Demand! (Video)

By | December 14, 2014

For all of you Seinfeld fans out there, New Yorkers may never again have to deal with fighting over a parking spot (see video) the way that George Costanza did!

And at the same time, for anyone with the money and/or inclination, paying upwards of $1 million to secure and own permanent parking would also be unnecessary!

For those New Yorker’s, Long Islander’s and anyone else who has ever roamed the streets looking for the Holy Grail of a legal parking spot on the street, you understand how convenient a valet parking service on-demand could be.

Using this type of service a driver would no longer face the prospect we have all faced at one time or another of having to eyeball a crosswalk or a fire hydrant trying to figure out if you were going to be okay or face finding a ticket under your windshield wiper when you returned.

No more trying to read the parking/no parking signs that are often confusing, possibly missing and sometimes contradictory.

No more battling one way streets driving in circles waiting to potentially find a car that is pulling out of a spot.

And using a service like Valet Anywhere which is described below the conversation often heard between a husband and a wife that goes something like this could be rendered obsolete…

Husband: I’m not sure if we’re far enough away from the hydrant.

Wife: Your fine!

Husband: If we get a ticket it’s going to be your fault!


Husband: Okay, I’ll take a shot. It is a great spot!

From an article at BrickUnderground

Meet Valet Anywhere, an Uber-style app that provides valet service to your location, either on a one-off basis or through a monthly subscription.

Swipe the app and a driver riding a kick scooter comes to you, picks up your car, parks it at a garage, and returns it to you when you’re ready. (The scooter gets stowed in your trunk; the garages they use are on the east and west sides of Manhattan.) The service costs $6 an hour or $42 a day, including parking and valet fees; or $399 a month, which includes five pickups and five dropoffs. (Each additional roundtrip is $20.) With the monthly, you have to give a couple of hours of notice to have your car brought to your door or to have them repark it, though they can accommodate last minute requests.

Fighting Over a NYC Parking Spot


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