New York Residential Real Estate Professionals: Differentiation Through Technology (On Your Phone and Online)!

By | August 25, 2020

Real estate technology

Real estate technology that provides high level information to New York homebuyers and real estate professionals sooner, rather than later, in a transaction!

Professionals include attorneys handling a real estate transaction, real estate agents and mortgage originators.

Hallmark Abstract Service management is constantly focused on developing tools for real estate professionals (also great for homebuyers), that we hope will allow for differentiation from their competition!

Today, I am extremely happy to present technology we developed that allows, On Demand and for free, the creation of a title bill/closing costs for any property, at any purchase price and with any mortgage amount, across New York State. (

The potential value of this technology in the New York residential real estate market is huge, and it is available either on your computer or on your phone!

We envision this Title Bill being made available at Open Houses by real estate agents, to be created by attorneys and used for a preliminary conversation with a homebuyer, or created by a mortgage loan originator to provide information to an applicant for a mortgage on their very first call!

We believe, and I would venture to guess you do as well, that Knowledge is Power and while not every client or prospect will want to see this information, won’t it be great to have it at your fingertips.

This App (online as well) is free to Register for and free to use (

And in addition to creating Title Bills, the App also does the following…

Loan Estimate,

Closing Disclosure,

Seller Net Sheet,

Seller’s Multiple Offers,

Buyer Estimate,

Monthly Affordability,

Rent vs. Buy Analysis

Finally, one other significant benefit for a homebuyer or mortgage applicant who possesses our output, is that the non-title insurance premium fees being quoted are Hallmark Abstract’s.

Because our charges are among the lowest in the industry, for whatever title insurance provider is ultimately utilized, our bill will provide the buyer with ammunition to go to that company and ask to have the fees reduced, if they are too high.

To close, there is little downside to exploring whether this technology can help you become better at what you do, based solely on the fact that you will have information at your disposal before any deal is even struck, that others in your profession do not have!

Once again, Knowledge is Power!

Mike Haltman, CEO
Hallmark Abstract Service
(646) 741-6101

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