More than 100 topics for real estate bloggers!

By | March 14, 2014

title insurance, New York,New York City,Long Island,Michael HaltmanThe act of ‘blogging for your business’ is one that comes naturally for some while for others the mere thought may instill a feeling of intense fear and anxiety! 

I know that from my experience speaking with business owners many feel that they should be blogging but have never quite gotten over the hump and actually started to do it.

The benefits of blogging are many and tangible ranging from potential enhancement of a firm’s position in the search engines to the exposure and ability to establish the owner as an expert in his or her field. As a matter of fact about a month ago we had posted an article that included the answer to the question ‘How many blog posts should I be writing each month?

The answer simply was, ‘As many as you need to answer the questions and solve the problems of your visitors who are interested in your services.

The purpose of this article today is to provide information that may help readers overcome what seems to be one of the constant barriers to beginning the blog process which are the topics that someone would write about.

The universe of potential ideas is so large that it can often be a challenge to narrow it down, so, in the spirit of efficiency, Inman News has provided a list of more than 100 topics to choose from.

I am adding one of my own so the actual total for the purposes of this article will be 102.

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  1. Imagine the future of real estate and discuss how current trending issues might evolve.
  2. Create a slideshow of the most expensive homes sold in the last 30 days.
  3. Make a list of the most beautiful properties on the market today.
  4. List 20 best apps for people preparing to sell their home, searching for a place to live or a rental. Curation is the key here.
  5. Explain why anybody should care about real estate sales being handled by professionals.
  6. Make a list of famous people who have bought or sold property in your market.
  7. Shoot video interviews of every city councilor in your area about why their district and city is fantastic.
  8. List 30 or more online resources for people relocating to your area.
  9. Make a list of the top myths about real estate and debunk them.
  10. List the most expensive homes on the market in your area. Include the best images you can find.
  11. Compare your market to the national market and highlight advantages of the current market.
  12. Do a roundup of the best blog posts about your city, town or neighborhood.
  13. Make a list of the best websites for your market. This doesn’t have to be about buying or selling real estate. It could be about travel, dining or working in your area.
  14. List the most popular restaurants in your town and how to get a coveted reservation.
  15. Write the ultimate list of private and public schools in your area.
  16. Create a list with Google map links and photos of the best parks in your area.
  17. List the cheapest condos on the market today and include beautiful photos.
  18. Create a mission statement and code of ethics for your busines.
  19. Write a review of the best places for brunch and include the list on foursquare or Google Plus.
  20. Make a list of the Twitter handles, emails or phone numbers of the top politicos in your town.
  21. Make a list of the best agents and brokers in a neighboring area, link to them, and let them know you included them.
  22. List the most spectacular pools on the market and include awesome photos.
  23. Do a roundup of your favorite speakers at a conference, take photos of them, and share what you learned.
  24. Disagree with a high-level personality in your business and prove her or him wrong.
  25. Interview attendees at a conference and make a roundup of their most important takeaways.
  26. Write about the best waterfront properties in your area under a specific price point (e.g., under $500K).
  27. Transform the industry by writing about how you imagine the ideal buying or selling experience.
  28. Write about why you love living and working in your town.
  29. Do an exposé on your most interesting clients, why they moved to the area, and how they value the area.
  30. Make a list of your favorite local charities, why you like them and to whom you donate.
  31. Analyze the current climate in your market and explain the ramifications.
  32. Identify popular bloggers in your area and ask them to guest-post for you. Or, ask to post on their blog.
  33. Write about the competition. Make a list of the top five you would recommend if someone couldn’t work with you.
  34. Highlight the fastest-growing businesses in your area and how someone might get a job there.
  35. Make a comparison of old vs. new ways of doing business in real estate.
  36. Highlight the most powerful women in your town or city. You can get more specific: Think like a journalist.
  37. Thank your 10 favorite customers and illustrate what you learned from them.
  38. Highlight a fantastic well-known company in your town and use it as an example of customer service or business best practices vs. mistakes.
  39. List the homes with amazing views in your market. Great photos are a must on these posts.
  40. Create short videos of you talking about the neighborhoods in your area.
  41. Make a list of your favorite local authors.
  42. Write about your personal views on a hotly debated topic in your area, but avoid anything that would conflict with fair housing regulations.
  43. Write about the best customer service experiences you’ve had in your town and what you love about those businesses.
  44. List 10 fixer-uppers in your market right now, including images and links to listings.
  45. Make a list of the software you can’t live without.
  46. Make an e-book for buyers in your market and give it away for free.
  47. Make an e-book for sellers in your market and give it away for free.
  48. Make an e-book on the tax advantages of 1031 exchanges.
  49. Make a list of the best dry cleaners in town.
  50. Write a post about the most innovative agents and brokers around the country and discuss why they made your list.

To read numbers 51-115 visit the Inman News website here.

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One thought on “More than 100 topics for real estate bloggers!

  1. Peter

    Based on what I am seeing currently and what I have been saying for the past several months about this active market, I think this is going to be an outstanding year with prices rising nicely. Reason is there are still too many buyers and not enough sellers in Nassau County, NY, in particular in the Garden City area. This situation can only lead to higher prices as the buyers fight for fewer and fewer quality homes.

    I cannot say it enough – do NOT wait until Spring to buy or sell. Spring will bring a new set of buyers, but also all the Sellers who think Spring is the only time to sell. You will face much increased competition come March and who knows what the Buyer situation will be then.

    Call me if you need assistance in any Real Estate transaction or if you have any questions.

    I hope you are enjoying the holiday season with family.

    Lastly, visit my new Website – which is still evolving, and let me know what you think.

    Peter Owen


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