Median 1-BR and 2-BR Rents By Neighborhood in New York City! (Maps)

By | February 26, 2014

title insurance New YorkIf you’re like me you may have lived in a Manhattan rental in the 80′s and early 90′s paying what seemed at the time to be high yet fair rent!

Then, when the prospect of paying for NYC private school kindergarden came around, we packed up our bags and moved to the suburbs substituting property and school taxes for tuition.

Today, however, both the rents being asked and paid in today’s New York City market coupled with the exorbitant cost of private school absolutely boggles the mind and would astound anyone who is paying rent in another part of the country!

It’s little wonder, therefore, that new college graduates with entry-level jobs in New York City are living at home far beyond the timeframe that we 50-somethings ever did.

In that same vein today’s apartments originally meant to house one now house two, those meant for two are often occupied by three and so on and so on.

There is unfortunately little choice unless in some way there is a subsidy coming from somewhere.

Even the outer boroughs that at one time offered greater affordability at the expense of desirability are now equally pricey and in many cases more sought after than those neighborhoods in Manhattan.

All of that being said and courtesy of, below are maps of Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn and Queens with the median rents being paid for one and two bedroom apartments.

Tribeca comes in the ‘winner’ as the priciest neighborhood for both!

One-Bedroom Rental Apartments

title insurance in New York


Two-Bedroom Rental Apartments

title insurance in New York


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