June 18th Play Golf While Helping The Heroes To Heroes Foundation, Through A Program Based In Spirituality, Work To Prevent Combat Veteran Suicide!

By | January 22, 2018

Heroes To Heroes Foundation prevents combat veteran suicide

In the event you live in the New York metropolitan area and believe that 20 veterans a day taking their lives is a horrifying statistic that immediately needs to be reversed and, in addition, you …

  1. Play Golf
  2. Know Other Individuals Who Play Golf
  3. Know Of Companies That Support Military Veteran 501(c)(3)’s And Sponsor Events That Do The Same, Then Do We Have An Event For You!

The 2018 Heroes To Heroes Foundation Charity Golf Outing, June 18, 2018

For those who may be unfamiliar the Heroes To Heroes Foundation is a non-denominational combat veterans 501(c)(3) that, through a program based in spirituality, successfully helps vets who have either attempted suicide or where it’s feared an attempt may be imminent.

It’s also an organization I have the honor of serving as Board Chair!

HTH accomplishes its incredible results (no program participant has taken their life) through 10-day journey’s to Israel where these American heroes find the strength to begin reconnecting with the faith they lost by virtue of the horrors of war. In addition, approximately 85 cents of every dollar raised goes towards fulfilling our mission!

The golf outing, based on the fantastic response to last years event, will once again take place at the Saint Andrews Golf Club in Hastings-On-Hudson just 18-miles north of New York City!

The early-bird price is $450 per golfer or $1,750 for a foursome and sign-up can be found at this link: https://heroestoheroes.org/heroes-to-heroes-foundation-2018-golf-classic/. Sponsorship information will be available shortly.

If you have any questions please let me know, and you can read more about HTH in an article at the following link: ‘Heroes To Heroes Foundation – Because 20 Veterans A Day Commit Suicide!‘.

Mike Haltman
Board Chair, Heroes To Heroes Foundation
President, Hallmark Abstract Service
(646) 741-6101

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