Is any publicity for your business good publicity?

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The quote “Any publicity is good publicity” sounds about right if you are a struggling actor who is trying to build a career, but not necessarily such a good thing when it occurs on the internet and you’re  a business owner or manager who is trying to run a successful operation!

After having worked as an analyst and trader on Wall Street, a lender for commercial mortgages and now as the owner of a company providing title insurance, I  have come to live by the meaning of two sayings.

Both of these sayings convey a much different meaning than the one in the title and both transcend across all businesses regardless of the industry that they are in!

The two sayings are simple in nature but deep in fact and are “You only have one reputation” and that “Your word is your bond”!

Once either is brought into question, even if it is through no fault of your own, they can be difficult to get back.

With that in mind I wanted to offer information on an area that is critical to a business but that may sometimes be overlooked by the management of a firm. That of…

Managing a Business’s Online Reputation (ORM)!

There are multiple steps in the process and an article from PCWorld gives an excellent overview. I am including an excerpt below along with a link to the article.

“As a small-business owner, you’re no doubt aware that virtually everyone turns to the Internet to conduct research before buying goods or services. And on the Web, your business is only as good as everyone says it is. In 2011, Inc. magazine reported that 97 percent of consumers used online searches to find local businesses. The information about your business that’s available on the Web is absolutely critical. If you’re not keeping a close eye on your company’s online reputation, you might as well hang up a “Sorry, We’re Closed” sign.

Online reputation management is a growing field, one that is tightly related to search engine optimization. In both cases the tactics tend to be the same, requiring you to monitor and act on search results to improve your online standing. With SEO, the goal is to make your website rise to the top. With ORM, you’re not necessarily concerned about helping your own website rank highly in search results; rather, you want to ensure that positive information and commentary about your business ranks higher than anything negative–no matter who said it…” 

Read the entire article at PCWorld here.

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