Internet marketing for real estate and the law!

By | January 29, 2014

title insurance New YorkAs a small business with a website and a blog Hallmark Abstract Service lives by one of the oldest internet marketing truisms that says…

The sad reality is that a firm can provide the best legal representation, offer the best message, possess the best website, have a stable of the most satisfied customers and write the most interesting and valuable articles about its area of the law or segment of the real estate market but, unless clients or potential clients come to see it, read it and become engaged, does it really make a difference?

At least in the sense of internet marketing and SEO, no it really does not.

But not everyone necessarily believes in the power of the internet when it comes to bringing in new clients or engaging existing ones.

Those who use it swear by the internets power to drive revenue and those who may shun it potentially have not explored the impact it can have on a businesses bottom-line.

The fact of the matter is, however, that regardless of what our individual businesses are the American people have become accustomed to ‘googling’ whatever or whoever it is that they are trying to find and if we don’t have at least some presence on the internet a great deal of potential business may be lost.

If after reading this you have any questions about the internet or SEO (search engine optimization) let us know at and we can put you in touch with an expert in the field!


Don’t Pay Too Much For Title Insurance!

If you have any questions about title insurance in New York you can contact Hallmark Abstract Service for the answers!

Also remember that you have the right to choose your title insurance provider and that non-title insurance fees in a real estate purchase or refinance can vary substantially from firm to firm!

If you would like to have Hallmark Abstract Service provide you with a sample title bill for an upcoming transaction (we charge our cost for the non-title insurance premium fees) please give us a call at 516.741.4723 or send us an email at 


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