In Which U.S. Cities Do Apartment Renters NEED To Have A Roommate?

By | November 25, 2015

In other words in which cities around the U.S. is the cost to rent so high that having at least one roommate is not really an option, but is a necessity?

Having a twenty-something child who recently moved into New York City, I know this problem first-hand!

Of course the numbers concerning apartment sharing are affected to some extent by demographics because as renters get older, and theoretically begin to earn more money, the need to share expenses should diminish.

To that point the data presented below ‘groups together all Americans aged 18 to 39. As we’ve touched on though, there is a wide variance in the percentages of people who live with roommates within these age brackets. While 15% of all Americans aged 20-29 live with a roommate, only 4% of 30-39 year olds do.

So what do the statistics tell us? From, this is the tale of the financial tape when it comes to apartment living:

18-39-Year Olds

apartment rentals,NYC,lifestyle

At What Age Range Does Having A Roommate Peak? (Hint: 20-20)

San Francisco,real estate bubble

Thirty Somethings Are Still Sharing In These Cities

multifamily,apartment buildings,wealth

What are your experiences with having roommates, where did you live, why did you have one (or two or three) and at what age did you begin to live on your own?

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