How to protect a law practice from a cyber attack!

By | September 9, 2011

Cyber attack, the potential impact and how to avoid one!

All company‘s in every industry including title insurance and law face the threat of, and potential losses caused by, a malicious cyber attack!

92% of companies that suffered a cyber attack had losses from a variety of causes including intellectual property and corporate downtime.

84% of the losses suffered above involved actual costs needed to be borne by the company.

20% of the businesses suffering a monetary loss incurred a cost greater than $195,000. (Source)

10 ways to protect your law practice or other business from a cyber attack!

Some if not all of these safeguards may seem like common sense things to do, but in the day to day operation of a business how many are actually implemented on schedule and consistently over time?

  1. Establish strong passwords,
  2. Put up a strong firewall,
  3. Install antivirus protection,
  4. Install all recommended updates,
  5. Secure the information on laptops being used by your employees,
  6. Secure the information on mobile phones used by your employees,
  7. Set-up a regular schedule to backup the information being stored,
  8. Have someone tasked with monitoring the system,
  9. Avoid importing a virus by avoiding unfamiliar emails, IMs and websites,
  10. The same way employees are educated on product or corporate issues, they need to be educated on safe online usage.

To read a more expansive explanation of each of these steps, visit Business Insider here.

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